Emigre magazine: design, discourse and authorship

Emigre magazine (1984–2005) was a provocative fusion of self-initiated publishing, critical writing and experimental typography. This exhibition investigated a key period in the development of graphic design as a mode of authorship and showed how Emigre’s typefaces and page designs embodied new thinking about the designer’s role in communication.

Curators: Francisca Monteiro, Rick Poynor

Manuel Vicente, Plot and Emotion – Macau

Publication to support the launch of Manuel Vicente, plot and emotion, in Macau.
Adaptation to Mandarin of the concept designed by Itemzero for the itinerant exhibition.

Images of the exhibition courtesy of Arch. João Afonso

Reading Classics booklets

Text design for a series of annotated classics.


Radical Ideas paperback series

Cover design for a collection of texts thought of being avant-garde, even radical, in their particular context.



Corpos dos tipos – Antigos nomes e o sistema de pontos; contributo para uma nomenclatura tipográfica em língua portuguesa
[Bodies of Type – Old names and the point system; contribution to a printing nomenclature in the Portuguese language]

The paper aims to produce a registry of the various names that have been used for each typographic body prior to the development of a metric system. Also, it proposes the standardization of a name for each – in the Portuguese language – similar to what happens in several other European languages.
Designed in the form of a poster and presented at IV Encontro de Tipografia – Do Inscrito ao Escrito.
In association with Rúben R. Dias.

Published in IPCB

O Dispositivo Desenho

Book design for O Dispositivo Desenho, A implementação da prática do desenho no ensino artístico contemporâneo by Philip Cabau

Palavrão / Edições ESAD.CR/IPL

Esquecer Saramago

Book design for Esquecer Saramago – Twelve projects, twelve artists, who call upon the work of the Portuguese Literature Nobel, José Saramago.


Covers Type

Covers type is an academic project, a typeface catalogue devoted to display and analyse the changes made to a typeface when adapted as a logo identity.